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“When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter much.” – Virginia Woolf

While I treasure winter weekend time spent reading by the fireplace, being out in nature in 15- to 30-degree temperatures has its own rewards. There’s something about the crisp air that makes me feel more alive.

The crunchy sound of my boots meeting the snowy pathway as I walk in the woods reinforces a sense of presence. Without tree leaves to muffle sound and light, input from nature and my surroundings comes more directly to my senses, helping me feel more in sync with the natural world.

And on winter nights, the stars seem brighter and closer, filling me with awe. As Virginia Woolf conveyed in her novel Night and Day, our daily tribulations seem minimal when we focus on the stars and other wonders of nature.

Sunday Journal Prompt

When has being in nature helped relieve stress? How and when can you savor the natural world this winter?


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