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“All people are the same; only their habits differ.” – Confucius

I've been off my game lately. Sure enough, some of my good habits have fallen by the wayside. While journaling regularly boosts my mindfulness of the choices I make and how they affect me, tracking my habits in an app adds an extra layer of awareness. That's the step I've been missing lately, but today I'm renewing my commitment: By taking a few seconds each day to log my daily activity into my phone, I will have a solid snapshot of my behavior patterns—the good and the bad. While habit tracker apps are plentiful (, the one I use is Daylio (, an app that links how you feel as a result of your behavior. I find I'm more likely to stick to my good habits when I track them: exercising, doing household chores and making time to see my friends. On the flipside, tracking my unhealthy choices (eating sugary food, staying up too late and spending too much time with energy drainers) reinforces the toll these take on me and thus reminds me to avoid them. While it’s motivating to see streaks of positive choices, what has been even more reinforcing is the way I can track how much better I felt after making healthy decisions.

Sunday Journal Prompt

What habits would you like to build? How might you support yourself along the journey?


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