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“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Teddy Roosevelt

When I started comparing my new YouTube channel to those of successful, experienced folks with better equipment, more proficient tech skills, impressive content and delivery, and huge audiences, I considered quitting this new pursuit.

For many of us, comparing ourselves with others about nearly anything—income, relationship status, job title, fertility—steals intrinsic joy. Even if, in our minds, we seem to come out on top in a comparison to others, do we really? Do we really want to feel a sense of success by feeling superior to others—even if just in our minds? That's not the way I want to live. 

When I felt like giving up on my new endeavor, it helped to remind myself what I have to offer, what makes my angle unique and, most importantly, the joy I felt while creating content to share with others. 

Sunday Journal Prompt

How have you compared yourself to others and how has that affected you? How can you shift your focus to the blessings and intrinsic joys in your life?


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