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“Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” – Alan Cohen

This week in one of my classes, our feature-story workshop focused on the narrative arc: a protagonist overcomes a host of challenges, leading to a transformation.

My first week of teaching online was a challenge in itself: lack of a private space in our small home to conduct my classes, which I taught from my living room while family members came and went; garbled audio and freezing video during live Zoom classes due to strained WiFi; and faltering technology, resulting in the need for me to record a class lesson on PowerPoint three times.

Though stressful, the challenges fostered growth and creativity. We installed an Internet extender and I learned how to include transcription into videos. Yesterday I rigged up a tablecloth to create a green screen in our laundry room, so I now have a private space to record or conduct live classes. Instead of seeing me in front of the washer, dryer and hanging clothes, my students will see me in front of a photo of our university.

Far bigger problems are happening in the world, of course. Still, it feels good to have solved these work-related challenges and to have learned new skills—my own version of a mini-transformation.

Sunday Journal Prompt

As the protagonist in your own life, write about a challenge you’re overcoming. How are you transforming?



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