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“Everything is created twice—first in the mind then in reality.” – Robin Sharma

What do you want? What part of your life are you creating? Rather than approach it from an “I’ll be happy when …” perspective, immerse yourself in it now—in the planning and in the feeling. When we plan a dream trip, our mood elevates, even if the excursion is months or years away.

When we journal about a desired shift in our lives, it’s a form of creation. In the past, when I envisioned myself having something I wanted—a baby, acceptance to graduate school, a specific job, a "yes" to an essay submission from an editor—I allowed myself to tap into the feeling of joy well before the good news arrived. And when something I wanted didn’t happen, I grieved the loss but, over time, have learned that joy awaits in the next manifestation stage.

Sunday Journal Prompt

What do you want? What it would feel like to live the life you envision?


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