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“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

A month ago, my cousin Christie kindly sent me a special gratitude journal with headlines on each page: “Gratitude Now” on left pages and “Gratitude Intentions” on right pages. The instructions say to write intentions as though you have them now, even for things that haven’t happened yet or dreams that feel impossible. My list spans from the mundane to the wistful: “I’m grateful I found my sunglasses,” “I’m grateful Alex arrived home safely,” “I’m grateful for a job offer for Michael,” “I’m grateful for peace in the world.”

On most mornings, I’ve been completing the line “I’m grateful for …” on both sides of the pages. To my surprise, some of the items I wrote on the right side (intentions) later popped up on the left side (happened). It’s as if writing down my hopes put them out into the universe as requests or prayers to be answered.

Sunday Journal Prompt

Write two things you’re grateful for—something you appreciate now and something on its wayas if they've both already happened.


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