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Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnection

Our way of life is changing at a rapid pace. The coronavirus outbreak has shifted the way we interact, work, educate and live, so anxiety levels are understandably shooting through the roof. Many are accustomed to turning to others during times of stress, yet social distancing is now needed.

While it’s essential to follow health protocols to protect our physical health and that of others, don’t forget about your mental health. Thanks to today’s technologies, we can live in isolation without feeling isolated.

As Mayo Clinic psychologist Dr. Craig Sawchuk shares, socializing is key to good health as it reduces feelings of loneliness, helps sharpen memory and cognitive skills, and boosts happiness and well-being. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my friends from yoga class while maintaining social distancing guidelines to protect health, we’re meeting for a video conference via Zoom on Tuesday night.

Sunday Journal Prompt

How might you connect with loved ones while protecting the health of yourself and others?


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