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“The master is a beginner who never gave up.” – Avina Celeste

When we approach tasks as beginners, we may look at people who seem to have mastered a skill—be it painting, writing, speaking Chinese, podcasting, cooking or entrepreneurship—as at a level we’ll never reach.

But what if we think of so-called masters as beginners who never gave up—as people who kept learning? Perhaps seeing our idols as learners can help make the task before us feel more attainable.

With school starting for many, this month is full of new beginnings—new classes, new teachers, new students, new ways of learning. If we approach mastery as a recursive process in which we are open to begin again and again, we can set ourselves up to thrive.

Sunday Journal Prompt

What do you want to master? In other words, what do you want to not give up on? Why?


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