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“The space left empty is an in-between zone that invites the unknown.” –

Yohaku in Japanese art is the space intentionally left empty, representing a pause. Sometimes referred to as negative space, such emptiness leads to fullness in a way that positively benefits a work of art or even our own lives.

The space between the prongs in a comb makes the comb useful. The emptiness in a cup enables it to contain liquid. Unstructured time allows us to know ourselves better and grow.

When we set aside time for a pause, we allow ourselves to become more present. Ideas and inspiration flow to us more readily, as we have a break from our familiar patterns. We open the doors for something new to arrive.

During this time in which travel is rare and many of us work more hours due to blurred boundaries between our work and home lives, we have to work harder to carve out empty space in our schedules.

But when we take time to do so on a regular basis, we invite new possibilities and surprises arise.

Sunday Journal Prompt

How can you invite more yohaku—emptiness—into your life in a way that helps you become more fulfilled?

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